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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Knuckle1, May 3, 2008.

  1. Knuckle1

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    Looking for some advice on pipes for My First Bike. The stock pipes are on it now, but I want something louder and don't want to lose performance. I've inquired about a Thunderheader but I'm not sure thats the route for me. What are my other options? What are the no-no's?

    I'm sure this is an old subject, but it's new to me. Thanks very much.
  2. Sharky1948

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    I put Cycle Shack slash cut slip-ons on mine. They are essentially the old SE IIs. Definitely louder and some increase in performance. (I also by a SE breather on and the PC III. It rocks!)
  3. Knuckle1

    Knuckle1 New Member

    What is PCIII?
  4. scottaudio

    scottaudio Member

    I have the SEII's on my 2006XL Custom, and with the SE aircleaner I am extremely pleased with both the performance and sound. Low, throaty burble rather than the higher pitched brap that straight pipes produce. Each to his own though...I hope you can listen to different bikes and choose the sound you want as well as get the performance that matches your riding style.

    You don't really gain much with exhaust replacement without an air cleaner replacement and re-jet or adjustment of the injection system. Then you get the best of both worlds..
  5. Johny5

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    Ha, same boat and bike here... I want to stick with slip-ons since I'm under a buy back program. I would, however, consider a complete system if it didn't require any additional fuel management modification. Really cant justify spending any significant money (my wife put the kabash on that) but must have something that sounds better. Ideally I would find someone with a used set that I could buy cheap or trade for. I've been all over Craigs list and the local classifieds, but no luck yet. Any advice on what to look for in a slip on is greatly appreciated.

  6. captnc12unch

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    Ive got the shortshots on my nightster with the se air cleaner and fuel pack. Sounds awesome and runs great.
  7. garyhdxlc

    garyhdxlc Member

    On my 06 1200-C, I have SE slip-ons and I like them, but my brother has Python slip-ons and I think I like the sound of them just a bit better...
  8. Barnicle

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    I Hmmmmd around looking at every option for my 2006 1200C and ended up with the relitive low cost cycle shack slip ons $120.00 and Ill have to say they sound great.
    I also added a K&N replacement filter and then modified my can to breath in more air. Also rejeted with a 46 pilot jet and left the main jet alone since there was already a 180 installed. I believe Harley usually put a 170 main jet in but mine had one step larger. After setting the idle and idle mixture using the idle drop method it really runs great. Replaced the plugs, ran it a while and the plugs look great.

    Ride safe
  9. artisan

    artisan Active Member

    hi i've got an XL1200N too.i fitted a pair of SE street performance slipons on mine & they sound great-not as loud as SE11's but i really like 'em.
    runs fine too with no other mods,i got my dealer to check when it had its first service & they said it's ok.
    i had some V & H shortshots on my last bike (XL883R) but they were too loud & harsh sounding for me.