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    yesterday i had my 2009 ultra out for a good ride on the way back got stuck in stop and go traffic. i felt the cylinder cutout working just fine but when i gave some gas the engine ping untill i was moving. what causes the engine to ping to rich or to lean:
  2. Bud White

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    HOT and bad gas or low octane gas.. and lean
  3. glider

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    Lean mixtures will cause a ping.
  4. Elmosac

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    I get caught in the wonderful traffic here in the D.C. area occationally on my way home from work. If the enginge gets hot enough to get into the heat management mode it will ping a bit until I get moving and get it cooled down some.

    The heat management is in no way a "Parade Mode" as it ONLY activates when you are not movng and the throttle is at idle.

    I found that after I got my SERT and richened up the air/fuel ratio this problem go better, but if you get stuck in traffic on a hot day the only way to prevent it is to pull over and shut it down.
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    i have had pinging problems with my 2000 roadking, but i had found 1 product that has done wonders for my problem, I went to my local autoparts store and picked up a bottle of Lucas Octane Booster... and believe me it works. Cost about 10 bucks per bottle but you get you $$ out it, last for about 4 fill ups. just a suggestion.
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    i have the stage one a/c and a power comander v and monster ovalsthe engine was hot and it only pinged until i got going guess there nothing wrong thanks im going to keep an eye on it

    wreck that Lucas Octane Booster... sounds like good stuff
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