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  1. Markk9

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    Why is it that most H-D types don't use engine braking? I come from a dirt and sport bike background and used engine braking all the time, never any bad effects. When I bought my V-Rod the service writer that explained the maintenance program made the comment that it's bad to engine brake with an H-D motor.
  2. Iceman24

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    Markk9; I engine brake w/my FLHX until RPM's drop too low...don't want to "lug" a v-twin motor...not good for them.
  3. deucedog

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    I use it all the time, no problems. I've actually had people riding behind me tell me that somethings wrong with my brake light because it doesn't come on all the time.

    When I have traffic behind me I do lightly use the brakes at the same time to make sure the cagers see my brake lights.

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    We've beat this like a Dead Horse.. I give up on WHO and WHY others do or don't..
    I never keep the revs up high to slow down.. Now you have to define what High is..

    Every rider has their own Beliefs and wisdom on this method.. Slowing the bike using compression and shifting down to allow compression to Work....

    I will not shift to a lower gear revving to 4000 rpm each time to down shift to the next Lower gear and so on..

    I Will use the engine for Normal breaking...

    Now You have to define NORMAL and it ISN'T the same to each rider..

    In MY younger days and when Bronson was on TV... Never heard Him rev and drop gears like many do today.. Still can hear that HD sounding Smooth and easy on the ride.

    Now todays newer bikes have an Auto tensioner system in the primary... Spring loaded and some rev and pull against it when the bike is cold to tighten the chain up another notch if it seemed to be Loose.......

    Now what happens here if Abused...???

    Now we again have a new word to define.. Abuse.. different to each of us....

    My thoughts are easy down shifts all the time and YES compression to slow bike is what I do..
    But Not excessive....

    There we go again ,,,,, Having to define what Excessive means and to each rider, a Different meaning all together.....

    so Ride it like you ALL want and I'll do the same.. Thanks:newsmile011:

    Easy Enough in MY Book.....

    Just My Way


    Then Came Bronson.....TV series Show.
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    I agree with Bubbie:bigsmiley12:
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    In the long run, what is the cheaper fix, Brake pads or clutch? I rest my case..lol
  7. dbmg

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    No harm will be done if common sense is used when downshifting. Remember that the HD motor is not a high revving motor. So when down shifting to slow it is important, in case you need to the power to pull out of a bad situation.
  8. nrs2420

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    This is very important. You will always be in the right gear to get away if needed.
  9. Markk9

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    I ride a V-Rod, my red line in 9K rpm's, at about 70mph I'm cruising at 4.5K rpm's. I use engine braking all the time, down to about 2.5K rpm's before shift to a lower gear. If I need to slow down fast, use both brakes and engine breaking together. I'm coming for the sport bike world, still ride one. On sport bikes, we always down shift and use engine braking before applying wheel brakes. Unless I'm in heavy traffic I don's use my wheel brakes until I'm under 15mph, or need to show the brake lights to cars behind me.

    I just thought it was odd having the service guy say not to engine brake?
  10. nrs2420

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    That might not be the smartest thing. I normally do some engine braking but I usually tap the brakes a couple times while doing it to give some visual to cars behind that I'm slowing. If no one is behind me then I don't do it.