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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SGBeau, Oct 24, 2011.

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    Have an 09 SG and looking to finally do something with. Plan on adding the following:

    -V&H Monster Rounds
    -V&H FuelPak
    -TBD on the intake (undecided)

    Went to the HD Dealer today and the Parts Guy was trying to talk me out of the FuelPak, saying they have been shutting down the ECMs........ He tried to talk me into the HD Race Tuner.......

    Anyone else hear of this problem?

    Looked at the EFI Tuner Comparisons Thread and it gave some good advice. I don't intend to go that extreme, which means that a FuelPak should be good for what my needs - unless it is corrupting the ECMs. Below is a copy/past from the Comparison's post:

    Once you install moderate to big cams (and sometimes even mild cams) or venture into the realm of 100-plus cubic-inch displacement, you're probably going to need a map-based device offering a wide range of fuel curve adjustments, such as a Dynojet Power Commander or Harley-Davidson Race Tuner
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    Since you've done some research already, you already know about the Doebecks TFI and IMO is all you need with what you have. Great customer support, you'll get a member discount and lots of happy customers here that swear by them.
    Let us know what you decide and how you like it.
  3. mnultra

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    I have the Fuelpak and Monster Ovals on my 09 Ultra and am very pleased with the combination. I have not experienced or heard of the Fuelpak corrupting the ECM's. Doesn't mean it's not happening, but it would be news to me.
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    Thumbs up on the TFI. I've got the Gen 3 and I couldn't be happier with it.
  6. glider

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    The reason he suggested the Race tuner is because they sell them and get to charge you the dyno time to tune it ($$$). Be ready for around $1000+ for both tuner and dyno tune. The Dobeck units have another unit for big engines. My money is on the Dobeck units Gen3 or Gen 4. You cant go wrong unless you are racing against a clock for the money.
  7. gusotto

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    I'm running SE A/C and SE mufflers with my Power Commander.
    I'm able to change my settings from my computer but the PC web site gave me proper settings.
    The dyno run showed smooth readings and I never needed to change anything.

    The dealership makes more money if they install the Harley unit (that's what they are suppose to do) but my Power Commander has been running fine since I put it in.
    Four years!
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    I've had the fuelpak on my Ultra for over a year now and have had absolutely no problems. I had the dealer's parts guy try and tell me that the fuelpak would void my warranty...guess what he wanted to sell me. You will have no problems with the fuelpak. The TFI is an excellent choice as well but if you're only going to do a stage 1 upgrade, the fuelpak will do the job with minimal effort on your part.
  9. SGBeau

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    Just heard/seen the Rinehart 4 inch Slip-On's..... Nice!!!!

    Looked them up and the website said:

    "NEW 1995-2012 4 Inch Slip-on Muffler Chrome **Do not adjust stock ECU settings with Rinehart slip-ons on 2009-2011 H-D Touring models with stock head pipes."

    Does that mean no EFI Tuner is needed? Would still need it if I replaced the intake, which I plan to do?
  10. Bodeen

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    IMO your bike could use a little more fuel stock. I would put a tuner on it anyway. More air in + more air out = more fuel. Good luck with it.