Dyna vs Ultima Ignitions - are the same????

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    Let me know the difference between Dyna 2000i Ignition System and Ultima Ignition System. The most important difference is the price. This first you can buy from $210 and this second from just $110. Dynatek is well known from many years brand and Ultima produces cheap stuff from few years. But ….

    Let’s have a look on both ignitions:
    Dynatek Performance Electronics - Harley Davidson Dyna2Ki

    Programmable Ignition

    Both ignitions looks similar and the only difference is logo and few inscriptions, but all switches and LEDs are exactly in the same place.

    Let’s have a look on instructions for both ignitions:

    They are exactly the same. Word to word the same. Both propose the same type of coils (Dyna), both have the same drawings. The only difference is logo on drawing of module.

    So the question is Why? Are these ignitions exactly the same? Do Dynatek allowed for copying his product? Or, maybe Ultima Ignition is produced by Dynatek? And why there is $100 difference.

    Anybody uses Ultima ignition? Is it OK???
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    Yep, they're the same, price difference is in the name, the Ultima ignitions are every bit as good as the Dyna because they are Dyna's.