Driver's backrest for Sportster and other bikes

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by DLSchau, Aug 16, 2013.

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    I just got my Sportster, my first Harley. A 2005 883 Custom. The previous owner put mini ape hangers on it. Those coupled with my short legs and mid-controls on the bike had me feeling like I was going to slide off the back of the single seat under hard acceleration.

    I found this website: Protact Driver Backrest
    (I haven't posted enough to include the URL - but if you Google Protact Driver Backrest you'll find the website)

    I contacted owner Harold - real nice guy. I ordered a backrest. It arrived in a week. Very nice quality. Installation was easy. It is very comfortable. Riding is much more enjoyable now.

    I don't have enough posts to attach pictures here, I'll put them in my photo gallery.

    I would recommend this product to others.
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    Welcome to The Forum, Protact Driver Backrest - Home Here you go This looks like a good product Good luck with your new toy and let us know the quality of the product and your ride:s
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    :wce From Colorado. A backrest makes your ride more enjoyable.