Doing a ride to catch shuttle launch on Nov 1

Discussion in 'South East' started by trvlr, Oct 21, 2010.

  1. trvlr

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    Anyone in or around the Homosassa area interested in meeting up and making a run to Titusville to catch this final shuttle launch? Scheduled for 4:40pm on Nov 1st, which is a Monday.

    It's about a 3-hr ride from this side of the coast to get there, so thinking of pulling out around 8am to get there by noon to try and get a spot to set up. I imagine it's going to be crowded as this is the final official scheduled launch.

    Reply here or PM if interested :s
  2. trvlr

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    Alrighty boys...last call for alcohol :laugh - set for liftoff tomorrow around 4p

    Gonna try and sneak in thru the back and go to a little park called Chain of Lakes park. I tried to catch my very first shuttle launch back in Feb or so, the last shceduled night launch. 4:44am launch, cold as all getout, and they scrubbed 9min before launch. Due to low cloud cover. After being up all night and then fighting traffic for 2hrs to get out of that place - gonna try this chain of lakes park and see what I get. Heading out 44 to 441 to 46 so if anyone along the way is interested in meeting up - give a holler...
  3. Iceman24

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    Have fun & enjoy the launch. One of my USAF friends retired down by Tampa and has been to a couple of launched. Says it's something you gotta see - impressive. Don't drink too much w/that early launch...;)
  4. geezer

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    Wish I was closer cause I always wanted to see a take-off. Somethings are much better in person than on TV.
  5. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    It is raining hard here now, I can see it from my home in Jacksonville, but nothing like being there live, I hear you can feel the ground shaking for miles, The Redhead gets to go on the roof of The Mayo Clinic during launches and says it is a pretty good view from there, she can see the rocket booster drop off
  6. Bodeen

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    Wish I could make plans to ride and see the launch. Sounds like fun. All I have to do is go out the front door and look up! No riding, no fun.

  7. ultradoc

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    I always thought it would be neat to see a shuttle launch. I was at biketober fest 8 [?] years ago. We stayed across the street from the beach. Went out to a pub that was on a pier and there was a sign posted on the door saying rocket launch tonight at xp.m. Stuck around for that. That was neat.
  8. trvlr

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    Well I wake up Friday morning and all the news channels say the shuttle is a go today. I throw some stuff together and leave at 7:30am and get to this park around 11am and there isn't a soul around. I think i've hit the jackpot. Sweet I say to myself. It's a Friday, everyone is working and will be a piece of cake getting out of here when the launch is over. I'm up in this observation tower at 1p and a man and his kid come up and i ask if they've ever seen a shuttle launch from here. He says no and I tell him well I hope it's a good one today. He goes, uh, i think it was cancelled for today...DOH!! Well it was cx'd, about 30min after I left the house. But I had a good ride over and back so all not totally lost. They're saying now Nov 30th by the earliest. I'm determined to catch one of these, so we wait :laugh
  9. sprinklerfitter669

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    Well, at least you got a ride in.
    They seem to be cancelling this alot lately, due to weather or mechanical failures.
    Also, i think this is the last launch for this shuttle?
  10. trvlr

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    I thought it was to be the last launch for the shuttle program, but you are right, this is the last launch for "Discovery", which is now the oldest aircraft in the fleet. Challenger and Columbia I believe were the oldest, but those are the 2 shuttles that they lost. So Discovery now holds honors for the oldest shuttle in the program. That ole boy has been through a lot, so I guess not too surprising that they're having issues with it. Hope it's a safe launch and land for them. Go USA :D