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Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by harleydogg, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. harleydogg

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    Why Harley puts that stupid little drain plug on the primary case on the twin cam 88's . Every time I change the oil it take's me a week to get the thing to stop leaking. I use pipe sealer, teflon tape and it still leaks . And to tell the truth I don't really know what I did to get it to stop.:small3d011:
  2. Jack Klarich

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    Poor design, newer plugs are much better, you need to be careful with the older plugs they can bottom out in the primary and cause you grief
  3. harleydogg

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    I know , mine gets to a point and it just spins , wont get tight and wont come out without a little downward help. You just have to find a happy medium . Tried the MOCO for something different. The parts guy said I'd have to buy a new bike to get the new plug. I was not ammused. Thanks Jack .:small3d031:
  4. Jack Klarich

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    I would not be amused either, wonder if there is an after market fix for this lets do some research:s

    NEWHD74FAN Experienced Member Retired Moderators

    Tapered drain plug is pretty "primative" given the amount of time H-D R&D has been around, one would think they would have come up with something better. Hopefully the aftermarket has addressed the problem...but the real deal would be to put a Thinsert, Heli-coil or use a threaded double-nutted drain insert with removable plug...if it is "beyond" salvaging.

    Honestly, my Sporty has tapped aluminum threaded hole to fasten down the rear engine isolating arm to engine which just pulled out. Happened prior to me visiting the H-D Talking website to find out about it. I ended putting a helicoil in there and it was fine...but it is vexing. Aircraft industry learned a long time ago that aluminum threads pull out in high vibration/high stess environment, but I digress.
  6. Chopper

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    If we're talking about a 04 softail, Harley uses a mini plug with a brown o-ring 04-06, I always use a new o-ring and torque to 60 in lbs and never a problem but if it won't torque and just keeps turning the threads got to be stripped, repair the threads as NEWHD7FAN sugusted (Thinsert, Heli-coil or use a threaded double-nutted drain insert with removable plug) and problem solved.
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    Loc-tite makes a product (called 575 ?? I think) that has a white label with red letters. It is a thread sealer and it is wonderful. I work in quality calibration and is has been a real headache saver on leak proof standards. Put some on the threads (clean threads of course) and allow about 15 minutes to cure after assymbley.

    Good luck :hii
  8. glider

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    Why not get one of the newer style plugs that are a straight thread instead of tapered that use an "O" ring and re tap the hole to accommodate it.
  9. Slapp

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    Glider you amaze me sometimes with your your simple logic to a difficult problem. That is exactly what I had done in the past. A friend of mine back in my military days (deceased now) had the same problem, so when I went to visit him I took along a variety of straight and tappered plugs with o-ring grooves. I matched up the plug as best I could and with the help of a tap he never had a problem again. This is an easy fix to a difficult problem. Just ensure you get all the metal shavings clear.
  10. harleydogg

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    Thanks for the info, I use new O rings every time I change fluids, I look at it as cheap insurance. I dont know if you would call that plug a tapered one . It is just like Chopper described it. I even bought a new one and it came with new O ring. Checked threads in case they are not damaged in any way . Talked to a guy who has a Dyna the same year as my Softail he has had same problem. It's not leaking anymore, went for a short ride yesterday after work and all was fine. I guess I finally found the sweet spot, and its going to be 80 today in Alabama and I'm riding , So all is good . Thanks again for all the help . Yall ride safe.:bigsmiley23: