Do your own bike service?

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    My bike is close to needing the 10K service, and I was wondering if anyone attempts this on their own or if they take it to the dealer. I have a manual and I think I could do it, but with nothing to compare to I wouldnt know if something looks abnormal or not. The indy dealer I used in the past has went out of business so I am searching for options.
    Thanks in advance for the replies!
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    Since coming to this forum I do all my own service,if something doesn't look right I look in the help section of the forum,if you can't find what you are looking for there just post a new thread looking for help,but please try to describe the issue fully:D
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    I agree absolutely. Do your own stuff! And if you run into anything you want help with or advice for come here to the Forum. One quick suggestion though, if you do have a problem, take pictures of the stuff and post those. Remember, "a picture is worth a thousand words".

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    I do all of my own work.I'm just as good at it as anyone else can be.At the end of the day I know all work performed was done right.Plus,when the job is done I can tip myself with a beer or two!!
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    Thanks for the list. That sure is different from what my manual says.
    the 10K service appears to be nothing more than a good tune up and inspection process.
    Thanks again for the replies. Now I need to decide if I want to do the synthetic oil or not.
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    Do your own service!!!!! I am here because I have yet to find someone I trust to do my service. To expound on my horror, I have had the following issues with dealers / mechanics. My fancy white wall had a chunk / gouge in the side of it from (EDIT) poor mounting. During the same service I had the front tire changed and they forgot to put on the front axle retainer clasp, just not there. To make matters worse I had my father pick up the bike for me because I was out of town on business, Thank god he was not hurt, I did not even notice it till my friend pointed it out. How it held together is still a mystery, Thanks HD Dealer. I have had my bikes scratched, dented, dropped, left in the rain (I'm no fair weather pansy but c'mon move it inside), and when they replaced the Gas tank on my FXST they would not even put enough gas in it to get me to the Gas station. Imagine my suprise when I went to pick my bike up after hours (I work alot) and NO GAS!!!!! I pride myself on being even keeled and have a hard time being firm with people I consider friends in a business environment, good service is a rarity anywhere these days so I marched my Engineering degree having, lazy-(EDIT) to the show room and bought another motorcycle and a ton of manuals and joined this web site. Now I'll never be down without the help of people like Glider, Tquentin1, and everyone else here. Besides, a Harly is no more technical than the work I do on a daily basis. I just need the guidence of experience. And you will get it in abundance here. These are people who really know what they are talking about.

    Best of luck

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    It seems that everytime I take the bike to the dealer it comes back with some sort of paint damage , it make me :bigsmiley19: & I would just like to find out who did it & :mgun them .
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    I have mine done at the local dealer... been doing business there for over 20 years. One of the mechanic does work on the side and has a nice shop at his house. After my warranty period he does all my work at home and does a lot of special favors for me. My opinion is that you can't beat a man at his own job... Any add ons or custom work I need he is a professional and I could not do it as fast or as cheap as he can. As soon as I purchased my current bike he took off my tins so I could deliver them to a custom painter, the bike had less than a 100 miles on it. I would never attempt such a thing and after the painting he reassembled the bike to like new. My time is valuable and I would rather be riding than doing something I am not good at or have the tools for.... just MOI !!