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    I'm just about fed up.
    I happened to strip the head of one of my derby cover screws last night, as I was torquing it.
    Not a big deal, those small torx fasteners are prone to this so, I decided that I would just ride by the dealer this morning and pick one up.
    Never even gave it a thought that they would not have one in stock!!
    I called my son in law, while waiting for the parts man, and asked if he wanted me to pick up a master cylinder gasket for his Nightrain while I was there.
    So, It's my turn to be served.....gave the man my parts order....they don't have the derby cover screws in stock.
    Checked the number for the master cylinder gasket....they don't have it in stock.
    Last trip up there, I needed to replace the rubber breather hoses from the heads....don't have them in stock.
    Before that, the chain tensioner for a current model TC96 engine.....not in stock.
    Meanwhile, there's a million dollars worth of chrome do-dads hanging on the wall, and on racks all over the place.
    And there are t-shirts, jackets, hats, shoes, underwear, socks, and just about anything you could imagine with the Harley Davidson Logo on it.


    On my way out the door I ran into the owner, who I've known for 40 years or more, and voiced my displeasure.
    I hold him "this would be a good place to start a Harley dealership"
    He cocked his head and gave me a "just what are you mean by that" look.
    So I told him just exactly what I have written here.

    Last I saw him, he was headed for the parts manager at a brisk walk.
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    lots of dealers like that more bling and wear than parts .. its to bad really
  3. Gilligan

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    Maybe I'm cynnical, but I'd call that one good act! His pockets are being filled with the profits from HD branded merchandise. You'll just have to wait for your derby cover screws!
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    This is exactly what the owner's NEED to hear !!!! Everybody start telling these folks what's what and maybe things might change a little!! Here is a little something you folks can tell the owners ( being a sales rep. for a elec. prod. distr. I tell this to myself !!!) ---- A HAPPY customer will tell at least 5 people about good customer service ! A UNHAPPY customer will tell at least 15 about a bad one! What odds do you want in your favor???
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    Maybe our bikes are so reliable and fool proof that they don't need to stock many parts. HA HA HA!!! I hear what your are saying. I myself will not buy a bolt or nut or some common thing ma jiggy. A buddy of mine bought the 5 small screws that hold the timing cover on, $8.00 for these screws. I would go to a hardware store or fastner supply house.
  6. rhino

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    i know some stuff you have to get through hd or order it elsewhere. but some stuff you can get at a auto parts store. i just replaced my breather lines on saturday, got it for a buck and a half a foot at autozone. i had two smoked turn light lenses from my old bike and tried to get two more, cant do it you gotta buy 4 lenses and four bulbs for forty some dollars. got the bulbs at a z for three bucks. ill try ebay for the lenses.
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    Rhino, you can buy those lenses. They can break any of those kits they sell packaged down into seperate parts.
    The part numbers are on the paper that comes packaged with any of that stuff, and also on their computer at the dealership.
    They are either too lazy to look it up, or don't know how.
    And you are 100% right....Happiness IS a beltfed weapon!!

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    GS34, HD dealers usually stock Derby fasteners, but in the "CHROME" section (you will have to buy the whole set of them), and not nearly that expensive. Kinda weird that they "ran out" of some of the "common things" they should stock, formed rubber hoses are kinda "iffy" as they have a shelf life, but the gasket and routine parts changed when doing routine fluids change...no excuse...should be in stock.

    FYI, I was surprised that I had to "special order" a starter clutch, even the positive battery lead cover which their service guy did not put back on (really a safety issue, as I have the metal side covers) when I had my bike serviced, so yeah there are some things that they should stock, for safety reasons, if nothing else. :small3d015:

    I guess they are running a "lean" inventory or their in store computer does not have a stocking/inventory database does not include replenishment program to allow review and order parts based on use and minimum stocking HD standards.
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  9. boys: i know it sounds cynical but-- THEY DONT CALL EM STEALERSHIPS FOR NOTTIN.
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    I had the same thing happened to me 2 weeks ago ,but with much better treatment , I was changing out my 2-1 exhaust back to TDs on my SG ,I could not find my rear exhaust brakets , So figured I could run up to my dealership and buy them , I go to sales counter ask , No not in stock ok I said , he said you want to order them $27. ,I said no thankyou I gonna dig deep around my garage for them,I saw the owner he said Hey what up I said you know everytime I come in for a part if its not on the wall ,I have to order it what the deal, he said what do you need I told him ,he said come with me ,We walked in to the service area we walked over to a tool box he pulled the 2 brakets out, he said these, I said yea ,he said here you go,I asked how much ,he said follow me we walked over to the service counter and he said to the service manager anytime this guy comes in and needs small stock parts take care of him ,he then said see the service manager first ,if he cant help you then go to the sales counter ,I am sure somewhere back in the service area they had the screw you needed .