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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by motor, Dec 28, 2010.

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    After searching the internet for some info on a 8-3160 crane ignition ,There was more than one person that made comments on the possibility that DTT had made the crane unit .Got hold of DTT tech yesterday with the possibility of buying one of their units, if i couldn't get good data on this crane unit.I guess i was disturbing the techs quiet time when i called.If i hadn't been treated so rudely on a couple of simple questions ,i might have bought one of theirs.IF the "gentleman" I talked to had any kind of people skills,he probably would have gained a customer.Instead he lost one and i will now research others and use anything but their stuff.So congratulations mr tech at DTT .You have one less customer to worry you . This happened on monday the 27th of December .To top off the rudeness ,i left him with "have a nice day" .To which he replied ,"yeah" and hung up -----Nice. I have been told their stuff is good ,but i won't buy from a business that has that kind of attitude to a stranger on the phone.Just venting ...hope everyone has a good day
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    Good for you. I agree 100%. TO many other companies out there to give your hard earned money too, that will be willing to help. I am sure your search will turn up something that will be a positive experience all the way around.

    Good luck,

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    Didnt crane get bought out by Twin Tech? poor customer relations and you posted it in a very good place for exposure IMO Take your hard earned money to some one who wants it and has better reps:s
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    This is a good place to vent frustrations and appreciate letting us know your experience. If this is how you treated and did not spend any money how bad would it have been having purchased product and then had a problem. As the others have said your cash will spend any where and spending at a company with proper customer assistance makes the purchase all the more gratifying.
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    Jack I can see your e-mail finger twitching..:lolrolling:lolrolling
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    Joe, I deal with customer complaints every day I handle them all the same the right way, If thats what it takes WELL so be it my finger is a bit itchy:newsmile100: