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Discussion in 'Wheels' started by HDDon, Aug 19, 2010.

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    I have ask this question several times when I'm buying brake pads and rotors. It's the question of which brake pads work with which types of steel? Do organic pads work well with stainless rotors? Do bi-metal pads work better with cast steel rotors? Do some pad materials when used with certain rotor materials cause squeeling? All the pad manufacturers claim their pads stop quicker with less fade and blah, blah. I've heard that using the wrong type pads will actually hurt braking performance. Can anyone give me some stright answers. I usuall go with what has worked for me in the past and that is HD parts, but I would really like to use the pads and rotors that will stop the bike best. Thanks
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    I agree it's confusing. If you go w/the HD brand for your bike it will serve the purpose, however I'm like you in that I'm always wanting to improve things. What I found is if you dig deep enough & ask enough right questions you'll gain enough knowledge to make the decision. I went to Mfg websites of the different "Big" name brake folks and I found they would specify which pads were for which rotor materials. What you want is a pad thats compatable with your rotor... a happy medium between hard & soft. One thats stops you quickly, yet does not consume the rotor. I would rather change the pads a little more often & get good stopping power over one that last longer but doesn't stop as quickly.
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    Why don't you try the Lyndall Brakes website?They have a range of different discs and pads.It appears that their 'Z plus' pads offer longer life,better braking and less brake dust to dull your bike(and whitewalls).

    I have talked to a couple of people who use them,and they seem satisfied.
    I intend to throw some in when i finally get to needing new pads.
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    Never had a problem with OEM:s
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    Jack I guess from the response to this thread unless you want to spent some large $$ OEM is the way to go. I have been to the major manuf. sites and they all say that their pads and roters will stop on a dime and give you .08 cents change. I was just curious if any one had found something better than OEM that the suppliers didn't charge as if they were gold plated. Thanks everyone
  6. Jack Klarich

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    I tried Drag and EBC in the past and always come back to OEM, IMO Don, the MOCO got it right the first time unless you want to spend big bucks and need better stopping power:s
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    If you go with EBC you better buy 10 gallons of wheel cleaner along with the pads because the brake dust is unreal. I wouldn't use them again even if Jack was footing the bill..!:D
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    That was just wrong man just wrong LOL,EBC are cheap and I mean cheap even as after market for cages CHEAPPPPPPP:s
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    I've tried the Lyndals. Other than the dust honestly didn't think they were much better than oem.