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Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Old legend, Apr 25, 2010.

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    My 2000 883C had a bad noise in the engine. Diagnosed it to be a bad lifter. I took the rear cylinder head off and got down to the lifters and you could clearly see the exhaust lifter had collapsed. I have it out. Now my question is, can I just change that one, or do I have to do all of them. I know I have to replace a lot of gaskets and O-rings and so far just to replace the one and the gaskets it's not as expensive as I thought. Through one of the more popular parts company (Don't want to violate any advertising rules, but there's one next door to the big Harley dealer in Daytona) it's only a couple hundred bucks.
  2. B-1B_Guy

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    If it were me, I'd replace all lifters at the same time. I believe HD recommends changing them at 30K miles but I might be mistaken on that....Stock HD lifters are good units and relatively cheap.
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    I would change them all being that far into it.
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    As you have stripped down the rear to get to the lifters at the very minimum you should replace the pair as they are not expensive and the extra time taken would be very little
    and sods law says if you dont replce the 2 then the other one will go shortly after you have it all back together