"Cold calls" and the economy.

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Porter, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Porter

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    Just got what I call a "cold call" from the salesman that sold me my bike asking that if I was in the market for another one, or I new anyone that was to keep him in mind.

    This is the first time this has EVER happend to me from either of two HD dealerships I frequent. To me, it means they are having a really rough time in the economy, especially at this time of year. But, maybe it is new to me.

    Do members typically see this (cold call) from your dealerships?
  2. Jack Klarich

    Jack Klarich Guest

    Rossmeyers Destination Daytona does it all the time
  3. futurerider

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    I think this type of a call is a great sales tool. I have never recieved one from the HD dealer, but I did recieve a thank you card from the salesman (maybe I paid too much huh?)

    While this type of call might be just enough to tip someone that is on the bubble (so to speak) of a new purchase, and it will bring in a few sales, I think it is much more of a long term, future sales type of thing. For example, I purchased a Ford Mustang in 2000, hardly a time when sales were slow and the salesman called me every year on the anniversery of the purchase "to see how the car was doing' etc. It gave me the warm fuzzies to think the actually cared (even though I new what it was). When it was time to buy a new vehicle, guess who I called. I am sure these calls can and will help a little with Harley sales.

    I should probably use this technique in my busness, then I wouldn't be sitting here replying to this post, I might have more work to do, HUMMMMMM.
  4. Bodeen

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    They ain't hurting that bad cause they ain't budging on price! There financing is just short of robbery.......

  5. Porter

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    Good point....
  6. whacko

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    That's why I never use manufacturer financing....HD or for my auto purchases. I shop the rates and get pre approved for a loan with a good rate before talking to the dealership. I got my bike last year at 1.9% from andrews federal credit union. I have good credit which helps of course but the salesman quoted me 6.9% from HD financing even with my decent credit rating.

    Keep your chins up everyone.....the economy is a cyclic thing and will come around soon!!!!!
  7. bigcletus

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    If I got one of these calls, 1st thing I'd ask for is "my commission".
  8. david26

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    The Harley dealer has never called me to ask if I was ready to buy a new bike but they did call what seemed like once a week to ask how i was enjoying the bike for the first 6 month I had it.
    Now When I bought that piece of Yamaha they called me all the time in the 6 months I owned it to ask if I was ready to trade up till I got to tell them I already did for another HARLEY!
  9. alto

    alto Active Member

    I think the economy has taught a lot of dealers something important. Prior to things getting tough , too many of them acted like they were doing you a favor when you went in to look around. I think a lot of them learned that each and every customer is the Best customer they have. Even someone buying a hat or T shirt. Treat us like we are important and we'll return often for small or big purchases. Treat us lousy, and we'll go somewhere else.
    My local Harley has had new ownership in the last two years..Huge difference!. They now treat everyone walking in with respect, a friendly smile and offer to help in any way they can, a big thank you for any purchase, the service made something right that I didn't even buy from them! outstanding customer relations. If I can hold onto health, my next purchase will come from them and it would be a Trike. I'm not ready now but, I can see that purchase in the future. We Harley owners are loyal, we want our loyalty to be rewarded with honest/fair/appreciative treatment
  10. JDPEagle

    JDPEagle Active Member

    A friend of mine bought a used 1200 Custom from a local "Steal"er about a year ago. She has come across some tough times and was thinking about selling her Harley.

    Without provocation, a salesman from the dealer (not the one she originally dealt with) called her. He stated that the original owner of her Sportster was desperate to re-acquire the bike, and that he would assist her in an upgrade. When my friend expressed her interest in selling the bike back to the original owner, but was not able to upgrade at that time, the salesman quickly back-peddled and ended the call. Several phone calls back to the salesman have gone unreturned.

    I have no doubt that this was a manipulative sales tactic. Given my past experiences with Killer Creek Harley-Davidson (Roswell, Georgia), I'm not surprised.

    With the current economy, it is certainly a buyer's market. I have been shocked at statements made by some Harley dealerships to the contrary. They can be very "sneaky."