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    Did anybody read the article in CNN today? they say the MOCO is struggling, but hoping the new Sportster will drag in the young crowd. The young ones do not care for the shine and chrome, they like the darkness trimed in black. article said the baby boomers are the ones keeping Harley going for the time.
  2. R. Lewis

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    did not see the article , but --- GOOD ! Maybe the MoCo."bigshots" will pay more attention to us - THE CONSUMER - and not their GREEDY, CASH IS ALL THAT MATTERS ways that has come back and bit them in the rear-end. I don't like to hear of ANY AMERICAN losing jobs but MoCo should take the main blunt of the blame for this. " Article said the baby boomers are the ones keeping Harley going ....etc...." If they would price the scoots to where most working people could afford them and back them up with better customer relations , and get some of these pompus,arragant dealers out of the picture- WELL JUST MAYBE...... sorry , off the soap box now!
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    I hope the MOCO and other businesses are able to make a strong comeback during the next year and on. However, I do understand folks frustration with the MOCO and some lack of sympathy for the MOCO.

    I love HD bikes but IMO the MOCO has been arrogant in their pricing and many of their dealer's have basically had a "take it or leave it" attitude towards customers. I think all of us have a clear memory of going into a dealer and being told what a deal the bike would be at msrp.

    Unfortunately, it is taking a brutal downturn in the economy to change some dealer's attitudes and change the pricing of bikes. I have no problems with the resulting change in bike prices but I hate to see folks at HD and other companies being layed off.
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    The days of some arrogant (edit) telling you that if you have to ask how much? You can't afford it are gone!:D
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  5. mrkihn

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    I hate seeing anybody laid off but I have also joyed the ranks of the unemployed too.
    As for the MoCo I feel they have really lost touch with the people who made them a icon. Yes I'm old enough to remember when Harley shop were actually real Bike shops with people who wanted to be friendly and not just act friendly till they made the sale. and what's with these stores look like Kmart and sale Harleys on the side.
    Yes I'm happy to say I started riding Harleys before they were a fashion show or a status symbol
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    O.K. so instead of paying 9 grand for that crotch rocket, you paid 20 grand for that Harley. So did I. Why, because I think Harley makes the nicest looking bike. More after market options. Plus, it sounds good. We can't complain about the price if you paid the price. Agree, the MOCO is pricing out a lot of people mostly young. Why, can't afford it. When I was seventeen, I bought my first bike a 650 Triumph. I paid 1200 for it new in 1971. I think the Sportster at that time was almost twice as much. I wanted one, couldn't afford it. Instead of driving that Ford Focux, you could be caged in a Beamer. Why, because you can't afford a beamer. All manufacuturing MOCO are hurting. I work and live in a suburb of Detroit. Talk about hurt'in. The cars companies are also guilty of being greedy. But the main cause for all this is the Tariffs. If we would stop importing 10 times more than we export, maybe we could sell some vehicles. I'm 55, the kids are gone and I wanted a Harley. I bought a Harley. I love my Harley even thou it did cost me more than the Kawaski. I will buy another Harley, and the next one will probably cost me around 30 grand.
  7. Steve Di.

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    OK. I'll ask it. What does the acronym MOCO stand for?
  8. glider

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    Motor Company = HD bean counters :D
  9. Steve Di.

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    Thank you. That was a new one for me, even though I do know where their stock ticker symbol HOG came from.
  10. twoup

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    Yup....we agree 100%!

    Ride safe

    twoup (Vince and Irma)