Clutch Grinding Badly

Discussion in 'Transmission' started by gdunz09, Jul 8, 2012.

  1. gdunz09

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    So im realy new to bikes, just got my first one this Monday, Bike is a 1976 FX Shovelhead. Bikes has been sitting in a storage unit for approx 5 years under my brother's ownership and was started maybe 2-3 times each summer. Bike is Kick start and will fire up no problem after battery was replaced. Main issue im having is once bike is running (even in neutral) and clutch is pulled in a loud grinding noise comes from the lower left side of the bike. There is little free play in the clutch (bout 1/2 inch) and when put into gear the clutch will grab at different points when releasing the lever. If i pull lever in about halfway sound starts as a repetative clicking and as its pulled more it speeds up and becomes a steady grinding. Only drove bike about a mile from storage unit to garage and been starting it but not driving it ever few days. Any assistance/pointers to check for would be a great help, thx guys.
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    Did u check and replace all the fluids ?
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    I had an 80 sporty once that the friction material actually separated from the metal on the clutch disks. Might want to open that primary up and pull that clutch apart to check it out.
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    Before you do anything else, drain the Primary fluid, open up the Primary and inspect the clutch basket components. Also look at the drive end to make sure everything is OK there too. Look at everything inside the Primary BEFORE buttoning it back up. Obviously, replace or repair anything that looks suspect.

    Add fluid and adjust the clutch. See if that alone has eliminated the noise. Let us know.

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    Welcome to The Forum. First things first, if this bike has been sitting for a long time the clutch plates are not releasing. You will first need to determine if this is a dr or wet clutch. Next put the bike in gear and rock it back and forth with the clutch out motor off to see if the plates will release, if not you may need to pull the clutch apart and clean up or replace the plates and readjust the clutch, not a major operation with the help here on the Forum:s
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    Thanks for the pointers guys, going to check/replace fluids and open this baby up. Will post more details by sunday. Thank for the quick response but i better get outta here before the bossman catches me :D
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    Sorry took so long to respond, due to a major change in life had to move and blah blah blah. Anyways had a fellow shovelhead owner take a look into the clutch issue, suggested replacing the throw out bearing. Ordered part from JP cycles and its on its way now. Lets hope i can get this puppy in there now lol. Will update more once i get the part.