chrome handlebar controls? Which kind??

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by caseydeuce, Dec 9, 2009.

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    I am looking into buying chrome handlebar controls, clutch lever, brake lever/caliber, blinker button ect. My question is.... Has anybody bought the cheaper ones on ebay for around $150? New from harley they are double that. Is the chrome going to chip right off with the cheaper ones, or are they equally as good? I know the saying... (you get what you pay for) Has anyone had a good or bad experience with one or the other controls. Thanks for the feed back. Casey
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    If you choose to go with the option to have the master cylinder wrapped vs replaced, its less expensive. I got HD part numbers 70222-96b and 46098-98 for my 2010 FLSTC, total of $172+SH from (20% off seller). These will fit your FXSTD

    The wording on the HD site for 46098-98 is misleading according to the 'chrome consultant' at my local dealer, says it covers the body of the master cylinder (not just a new lid), and is less expensive than the part that replaces the master cylinder. He had better be right! (parts should arrive next week)

    And now that I re-read your post, you might not be looking for what I was describing - well, hope it helps anyway. <sigh>
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    I went for the HD ones on my 09 Heritage,had chrome Fat Boy bars put on at same time,i knw there a little dearer but wasnt quite convinced about quality of the cheaper ones,P.S they do look good and quality is spot on,jmho,drive safe.....Danny Mc