Change oil pump in 06 streetglide and too much oil pressure

Discussion in 'Oil' started by lacboy2323, Sep 7, 2013.

  1. lacboy2323

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    I was riding my bike then the oil light came on, checked the pressure with mechanical guage and had no pressure. had my a machanic replace the oil pump and cam bearing and had the heads ported and polished and i found all the pins that were in the motor from the old cam bearings. put it back together and now its getting too much oil pressure im lost now.
  2. jimharvey1

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    Sounds like you have an obstruction somewhere in the oil system downstream from the oil pressure sensor causing a high back pressure in the system and could very well be starving your motor of lubrication. Be careful. That could get very expensive.
  3. propflux01

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    Alittle more info:

    1. How high?

    2. Happen from the initial start after pump change?

    3. Did you use aftermarket pump?

    4. Verified pressure with known reliable gauge?

    5. Unusual Noises?

    6. Any other additions other than a "port and polish"?
  4. HDDon

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    Years ago (many, many) I sent a set of heads off to be ported polished and flowed. When I got them back they looked like mirrors and I could not wait to install them. Trouble was they had not been cleaned properly and the lapping compound that came out of them ruined my new cyl. bore and rings. Hard lesson learned.