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Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Jick Scott, Dec 2, 2013.

  1. Jick Scott

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    I'm thinking about getting a CB radio for my 2010 Road King. J & M seems to be the CB of choice. Just wondered how good the transmitting and receiving is and how long of an antenna to get? Would appreciate your help and thanks.
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    I'm deeply into the cb Hobby,I have a cb in everything I drive. I have a Basestation in my home!! Iwas very disappointed when I tried to use the cb on my Limited!!! I heard on the older Harley's the cb was under the seat,my Technician told me has worked on those,but can't add any more power to the type of cb radios that is on my bike now
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    CB radios on bikes are good for bike - to - bike communication. They come in handy on group rides for a tail gunner to let the road captain that a traffic light split the group in two. But for anything more than that or comes more than about 1 mile away, you're pretty much wasting your time. I've chatted with a few truckers that I was riding near but don't expect to talk any skip with one. And with all the sophisticated electronics on a newer Harley, I'd be REAL hesitant to putting a heater on one. You'd probably key up and toss about 15 codes.
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    I have installed several of the J & M handlebar mounted CB s They modulate harder than the harmon cardon harley units. Remember that a antenna brodcasts at a 90 degree from the tip and the mast. Do not lean your antenna . Also a 36 inch that can be tuned or trimed is best . Follow the instructions found in the SWR meter that you can buy from radio shack.

    coyote .