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    I am hoping to pick up the new bike on Saturday. I am very pumped to have a 09 Street Glide, Vivid Black in color. Any suggestion on best way to break it in? I have not ridden in many years & this bike is going to be a mid life crisis savour for me. After winning this bike & a new helmet on the same day it is an omen to ride again. Wife says that it is not her cup of tea but my son is looking foward to it. Now I will have something great to do when it's not snowmobile season.:newsmile048:

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    Welcome HDTalking, I am sure you will get plenty of recommendations from our large following...but the key here is not to ride "over your head"...take it easy, take the MSF or Riders' Edge course to brush up on "street survival riding techniques" get the necessary riding credentials in order and practice practice practice.

    You will enjoy the ride that much more! After a good year under your belt, make sure to share the love...your wife who is tentative right now will be very thankful if you do this over time...your's a given...ENJOY!!!

    Proper breakin procedure is is a thread on the subject:
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    congrats on the new scoot and BE CAREFUL --- IMO --- since its been many years that have past since rideing - do a rider and safety course!!!!!! Another thing --- DON'T count out the Mrs.,even though she says "it is not her cup of tea " I'll BET you if you spend a lot of time by yourself on the scoot - it will either be her cup or let's just say the ol saying " IF MOMMA AIN'T HAPPY ,AIN'T NOBODY HAPPY!!!!'
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    Welcome and congrats on the new ride. You're a lucky man!.... You'll find once you get comfortable on the bike it's a very sweet ride. Your wife hopefully will soon want to join you so you better start thinking about a back rest for her!... :D
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    Since your not sure of break in procedures I could take it for a bit and break it in for you!:D
  5. Thanks for the offer but, I really think I want that awsome feeling of breaking it in. I hope to take 1st good ride Saturday or Sunday depending on when I get home from Ohio this week.
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    Many opinions out there on break in.
    Just remember to vary your speed and RPM's while riding and don't lug it. When it's new we tend to baby our scoots and keep RPM's low. You need to let her work a bit so take her through out the gears at a moderate RPM range 2500 to 3000 for the first 1000 miles. Just "don't" ride at a constant speed for prolonged periods of time. Until she's broke in try to resist the urge to just start it up and let her idle just to admire the sound. If you have the urge to hear it run than let her run. Have fun and be safe. Also, if you can afford too, change the oil before the 1000 mile service. I changed mine after the first 500 miles and then switched over to synthetic oil at 1000 miles. Synthetic oils run cooler than dyno oil. Many opinions on oils as well... My suggestion is to use a well known brand such as Mobile-1 or amsoil and change the fluids often, every 2000-2500 miles. It's the cheapest form of protection regardless of the oil you choose. Check out the sub-forum on oils. By the way don't let the dealer fool you into thinking you have to use Harley oils such as syn3 for warranty. It's not that it's bad, it's just that there are better oils out there should you decide to change fluids yourself. It's really easy and saves you $$$.
  7. Thanks for the great advice. I set the appointment to pick it up Sunday 5.31. I will take your advice on break in, That is how I have broken in my snowmobiles.
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    you lucky lucky man, helmet and a bike, my thoughts... buy a lotto ticket man your on a roll.
    have fun be safe and don't run over any of those horseshoes you seem to have.
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    Too kewl you won it!!! I had to buy my new 09 Street Glide LOL!!! I picked mine up on May 8th and have put on 1110km. I was told to stay within 2500-3500rpm with varied speeds (don't use the cruise!) No lugging the engine along with no cranking on the throttle for the first 800km. Now I'm past the break in I'm still being somewhat careful but I tend to ride in my power band so I'm always around 3000rpm at any given speed. My first service is scheduled for 1600km and I should have that over within the next week or two! Enjoy your new ride...I know I love mine!