Can somebody please help me complete my memory?

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    In the 1960’s my dad bought a used Harley. My greatest memories of youth would be when he would sit me in front of him and he would ride together. When we got on the highway he would tighten the steering dampener on the triple trees (I can still distinctly remember that!), lock the throttle and have me take the handlebars. He let me believe I was controlling the bike myself, however I now know better that he was actually steering the bike by shifting his weight.

    I believe the emblem on the front fender reads “Duo-Glide”. My dad is now elderly and cannot remember the year of the bike. It can’t be a good sign when you don’t remember the year of your first Harley. But we got to keep smiling!

    Interesting the bike appears to be the same touring class as the modern Road King. Like father, like son.



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    Great Pictures Delmar! Memory lane here I come. My dad gave me my first ride on a Harley in "52" or "53", my mom had a fit (I was 2 or 3). He was rarely without a Harley.

    This looks like the DuoGlide he had in the early sixties. The seat was the same shape but all black with a nice looking chrome grab bar for the passenger. The saddle bags were the same as well. His bike if memory serves me was two tone red and white.
    Thanks for posting the pics.
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    Based on the tank badge and emblem on the saddlebags, I believe this is a 1959. It could be as early as '57 or '58. The fender rail also looks like late 50's. 1956 and earlier also had flexible exhaust as I remember. I may be wrong, maybe someone else has better information. Hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the help! I called my dad and reported your thoughts. This triggered some of his memory and he now believes it’s a 1958. Cool!

    I visited the HD museum in Milwaukee this summer specifically looking to find a similar bike to identify the age, however there were no bikes resembling the picture.
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    I believe that 58 was the first year for the Duo-Glide so I would think Softailhog is close with 59.
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    '58 was the first year for the Duo Glide. In '58 only the tank emblem is a round plastic disc with 2 Gold and 2 Black quadrants with a red "Harley Davidson" over it.
    In '59 they had the "Arrow-Flite" tank emblem with an oval red ball behind a chrome arrow with Harley Davidson on the arrow shaft.
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    1958 was 1st year Duoglide, it doesn't have the big battery or elec. start primary cover that was in 1964. Looking in my HD data book, the tank emblems are 1958, Harley Davidson logo is completely inside the circle. In 1959 and up the logo extended out of the round badge, also 1959's had chrome v front and rear fender tips.
    That's some exhaust tip he was sporting!

    Looks like Caper and I were in the same book at the same time!!
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    Great pics! I am in no way an authority on Harley history but in my bathroom is a metal placard that says "Introducing the 1958 Harley Davidson Duo Glide," and it has a great stamping of the bike. and I compared it to yours and yours isn't a '58. I think I have two of these things. You want one?
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    Nice 58 panhead I had a 1960 Fl wish I still had her on the left crank case should be a number like 58fl14001 the first 2 digits are the year of the bike the fl or next letters are the model the last are the rest of the vin number hope this helps