cam upgrade ,is it worth it

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    I have a 2012 elecrtaglide. It has vance and hines power dauls,and slip ons,K&N air intake, power comander V tuner. A shop here recommended next upgrade new cams about $1500 installed and they will remap the tuner. Is the money worth it? I was told the cams and new tuner setting would really wake up the bike.
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    Your ride you decide, what are your expectations? What kind of riding do you do?
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    With what you've done so far cams would be the next logical upgrade. A good set of cams will pull everything you've already done together.
    1500 seems a little steep, shop around before you pull the trigger. JMHO.
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    Most of the time me and wife. I will check a couple of other shops Thanks
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    If you have any DIY skills, cams are a pretty easy job. You should swap out the inner bearings at the same time, but that is easy with the extractor and insertion tools.

    The biggest challenge is deciding on what cams to use. You will get a ton of opinions here. So be careful asking for that!! Biggest question to ask yourself is what YOU want to get out of any cam change, and proceed from there!

    Good luck with your project.


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    The right cam set will wake up the bike but like TQ says, cam selection can get confusing if one is not familiar with the process. Without getting into the weeds, a cam with intake close event that will produce 9.3-9.6 corrected compression and/or 185-196 cold cranking compression (CCP) is a good target for a street build. You are riding a heavy bike and a fair amount of two up riding so I would imagine the low end and midrange is where you ride and the motor probably doesn't see much more that 4500rpms. Don't know what the shop is telling you about cams but the two that would be at the top of the my list for your situation would be the SE255 and the Andrews 48. There are a couple of others but those two make torque off idle. The SE255 starts to fade about 4000rpms and is done by 4500. The 48 also makes torque off idle but doesn't start to fade until about 4500.

    Your bike is wired for compression releases and I would recommend installing them; you will need the releases and the wiring harness. I am not sure if they can be activated with the PCV but you can check with Dyno Jet and find out.

    Is the shop going to dyno tune the motor or download a map? I would recommend downloading a map, find a tuner in your area and have the motor dyno tuned.

    A cam set and installation hardware will run about $300; allowing 6-8 hours labor at $100/hour and, if dyno tuning is included another $300 and the total is about $1300. If dyno tuning is not included, unless there is something other work involved, $1500 is a bit steep for a cam install.

    Totally agree with TQ that if one has basic mechanical skills, can read and has basic mechanic's tools and the service manual; a cam change is not that challenging a DIY project.
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    Thanks for the input.