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    i just recieved my Herko hydralic cam tensonier upgrade kit.but it did not come with the cam bearings. not sure if it was supposed to be included in the kit or not. it did come with inner torrington cam bearings.but my ???? is can i buy just the 2 bearings at my local dealership?ifso what part# do i ask for? not sure if there the same bearings that are listed in service manual because it list parts for the stock spring tensonier camplate

    well i have just learned that the new style cam plate does not run pressed in bearings like the old type so the first moderator that see's this is wellcome to delete this post or leave it up so if there is anybody else that is fixing 2 do the herko kit upgrade will know about this and won't flip out like i did when they see there is no came bearings in the kit lol
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    You're right. The new cam shafts outboard end ride in the plate on a film of oil in the journal bearings.