Broken Headlight Bracket - 2003 HD Sporty 1200C

Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by Tennessee, May 17, 2009.

  1. Tennessee

    Tennessee Member

    ok gang. I need a fix for this that ain't gonna cost me 250 $$$ (what HD wants for a new headlight). The old one is fine, it's the bracket that attaches it to the scoot that's the problem.

    There is a "plate" and it's riveted to the headlight housing. It's got "dog-ears", and the whole shootin' match is then attached to the scoot with a bracket with these dogs with a bolt thru them. This "plate" is cracked, which causes the light to vibrate and makes the road reflectors look like landing lights on an airport runway.

    HD is telling me that I have to replace the entire headlight assy, and it's not cheep. Any way to fix this puppy without spending alot of money? I'm a struggling MMI student here in Orlando, and just don't have the bucks to throw at it right now.

  2. glider

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    Drill out the rivets, weld the plate where it's cracked and reattach with either rivets or lock nuts with bolts. Either that or fab a new one.
  3. Mainah

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    You're an MMI student, sounds like a great extra credit class project. You should pick the brains of your fellow students and instructors.

    Trust me, once you are in the real world you will want to find ways to make improvements in the products you work on. You will become a valuable asset to any shop you work at or you will find that you are better off (and richer) going out on your own if you can improvise. My dad used to tell me there are too many parts changers and not enough mechanics.