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Discussion in 'Dyna Models' started by flosey, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Trying to install bags on my 09 low rider. I need to know what size socket or torx fits the bolt directly in front of the shock? I have tried all I have but none fits.
  2. R_W_B

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    Sounds like the torx set you bought is missing that one. I always buy tools on a -when I need them- basis. Check out Sears they have a good selection.

    I think mine (FXDB) were hex button heads, or else I made them button heads with I had to purchase longer bolts to fit my bag braces.
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    Not knowing which bolts you refer to and you tried all in your set, I would bet it's the T27 that you are missing. Most sets do not have that size in them. It's the same size as the derby cover bolts but don't be fooled when you try a T25 and it fits, it will strip out the bolts because you need a T27. They are very close to the untrained eye.
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    I'm confused. Are you inquiring about an '09 Dyna Low Rider or the '08 Sportster Low in your profile?

    On a Dyna, if you're asking about the bolts just behind the shocks that hold the fender support cover to the fenders and mounting brackets, its a Torx 45. I found one at Sears for $6.49, part 242666, and used it when I mounted saddlebags. An 7/32 hex is a sloppy fit and might work, but I don't recommend.

    If a Sportster, can't help. :small3d002:
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    Makes me wonder why the 27 is seldom included, is it some kind of plot???
  6. R_W_B

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    It the old days we had competition. Nowadays it's called trick etition, sneak etition or in some cases (with TV ads ) just down right intentional miswording of the truth to get your sale thru the register.

    But the bottom line is the old original competition is still the underlying force since even a reputable business will eventually have to bend the rules to compete with the others of less reputable techniques. People love the cheap $price and it forces issue with the powers that be.