Blue Ridge Parkway

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  1. ewiltgen

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    Has anyone ever rode the "Blue Ridge Parkway"? Can the 400+ miles be easily riden in a day or should you take 2 days to enjoy the scenery? I'm from Iowa and have never toured in the eastern mountains. I have a buisness meeting in KY in July and plan to extend my trip. We also have a son in Dover and may go see him.
  2. Dr. Dolittle

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    I haven't done it yet (it's on my short list) but I've heard that 2 days is the quickest you can do and 3 is even better. Speed limit 40 or 45 the whole way, often encounter slower moving traffic, and every couple of miles there's a pull off where you'll want to oooh and aaah and take some pictures!
  3. threesteps

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    I wrode the Parkway two years ago and two days would be a good pace. However, if you like to stop and enjoy the veiw, see the sights, etc. three days may be more in line. I think you will really enjoy the ride. One of the best I've ever taken.
  4. kemo

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    We did it a few years ago.The wife and I stayed at a motorcycle only camp and used that as home base touring everyday. They had a bridge wide enough for a m/c to cross and when you registered they had a ice cooler full of beer that was free. The idea was when you left that you would donate your surplus beer to the cooler. It was a nice welcome. That was called the Blue Ridge Parkway M/C camp.
    We also stayed at the TWO (2 wheels only) camp in Suches Georgia. We had a monson rain storm and everyone moved their tents into the pavilion to stay dry.
  5. silentflyer

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    Figure on 2 days for the trip, the 45mph and the hills/curves make it a given. Yes you could do it in a long day, but take time to stop and enjoy the views. There are a number of camp grounds,lodges,cabins and motels on are near the Parkway. The number of deer at night is a factor to remember. I live near the Parkway, one of my favorite rides.
  6. STEVE07

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    We did Skyline Drive and the Blueridge parkway last year,wouldn't do both together again,I need more towns and human history,not all mountains and valleys.But that is just me:D
  7. doj1975

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    We also did the Skyline Drive and Blueridge Parkway last year. We did it in three days. That gave us more time to enjoy overlooks and historic sites along the way.
  8. glw22041

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    We did SKyline last year and have done Blue Ridge on 4 wheels. I would go for 3 days. Speed limit and traffic will slow you down. The views will make you stop more that you plan on.
  9. Mattman4403

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    I have done the parkway and skyline drive a couple of times going south and once going north. Take your time. Too much to see to rush it.
  10. WHM1

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    We live about 2 hours from the Parkway and go there often. You could do it in two days but if you're in that big of a hurry I would suggest not to bother. I have ridden the Parkway and Skyline Drive from end to end several times. It's a beautiful ride with a lots of places to stop and enjoy some of the local scenery and places to eat. The park service has a few places to stay overnight and the food is outstanding. Stop and enjoy the ride and scenery and the ride will be something you will be glad you did.

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