Bike stays running after kill switch

Discussion in 'Sportster Models' started by Conde54, Jul 18, 2010.

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    I was wondering if anyone has any advice - When i turn my sporty off it starts to die down but then fires right up again and spits and sputters for a second before completely shutting down. When i checked my plugs the front looks slighty Lean and the rear cylander runs a little rich. I asked a buddy at work how to even them out more and he said its fine that most Harleys run lean in the front and rich in the rear. But i fear that the problems i'm having with it is possibly due to the rear cyl. having that little extra gas in it. and that the fact that it does that when i turn it off maybe its just burning that little extra bit. and advice?
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    2005 FI, any mods, any piggy back boxes, clean of any historical codes, does it also do it when the engine is not fully warmed up, any other issues besides this one, do you use name brand fuel.
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    Your bud is correct that the front is lean and the rear rich. It's like that on most all these bikes.

    You may have a carbon build up in the cylinders that ignites any unburned fuel on shutdown.

    Removing Carbon - Harley Davidson Community
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    This could rear its ugly head and cause engine damage check it out soon:s