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Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by maxelee, Nov 25, 2014.

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    I have a new battery in my 2007 Fatboy just last summer 2013. I have a super smart battery tender plugged in and always on. About a week ago I went to start the Fatboy to get it ready for storage for the winter months here in Iowa and nothing no click all the lights are full but no click at the switch. I went a head and put the tender back on. Some days later checking on the tender I noticed that the green constant light that was on is now a green fast blinking light. I have never seen this before and am wondering if this may have something to do with the battery being completely dead causing my no start problem or what the problem might be.. Anyone out there with any useful information would be appreciated as I am not sure what is going on.. Thanks .. Maxelee
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    First off be sure that the cables are clean and tight...
    This quote is from Battery Tender website:

    " GREEN FLASHING - When the green light is flashing, and the red
    light is on, the battery is greater than 80% charged and may be removed
    from the charger and used if necessary. Leave the battery on charge until
    the green light is solid whenever possible. Once the green light begins to
    flash, it will remain flashing until the battery charger output current drops
    below the optimum recharge threshold, or until the absorption timer
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    Load test the battery; doesn't matter how new or old the battery is; they can just die. I also had a similar problem last year with a Deltran tender and the tender went bad.
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    I turned the key on to get codes from the check engine light once when the battery tender was plugged in. Made the tender lights go haywire for awhile. A day later it was back to normal.
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    The Battery Tenders (whatever brand) are just that - battery TENDERS. They are NOT chargers. If your battery has a low charge or is dead, do NOT use the battery tender to try and recharge the battery. Use a battery charger or take the battery out of the bike and to an auto supply store to have the battery charge and load tested. Once the battery is fully charged and reinstalled in the bike, then the battery tender can be connected to MAINTAIN the battery in a fully charged condition.