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    How do u get to the battery on a 06 fxdl. Just bought her. I need to remove it to charge it (no power at storage unit ) found removal at self help didn't show any writing in the post.
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    FXDL Battery



    my battery (03 FXDL) is totally drained from the security system during winter. The seat is off and I am currently recharging the battery, but have some questions:

    1. What will happen with the security system now, when battery is charged? Will it operate as before or is it back to factory defaults?

    2. How the (EDIT) do I get the battery out of the bike? I see nothing that really holds the top chrom cover on the battery beside a rubber thing. Do I have to remove the whole battery box to get the battery out? If so, is there a graphic which screws will hold it?

    To remove the battery, look for the two bolts located next to the ignition on the right side of the bike left of the battery box. They are I believe 1/2 inch and one points up vertically and the other points across to the left side of the bike. Undo and remove both.The battery cover top will come off as well as the side cover. then you can unbolt the negative lead which bolts down beneath the seat and the postive lead on the battery itself.....
    found this on other posting , hope it helps.
    The security system should work as normal when you replace/charge up the battery....Mine works as usual after removing and replacing the battery after winter storage....

    You should have no issues with the security system once you reconnect the battery.

    Thanks for the help! Funny, the security system was not working until i turned ignition on and the alarm bell was ringing. :)

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    Your security system will be fine, it carries the passord stuff in cmos or static ram chips. Now if you replace the ECM or TSSM you would have to.

    I have an 07 Street Bob and mine must be different, since I only have on bolt to remove the battery cover (on the left side of the bike).

    Then there's a heavy rubber strap that holds the battery secure in it's case. You unhook that strap, take the cables loose and slide the battery out.

    You can just charge it in the bike though, just remove the cover.
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    rwb where is your (bolt )
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    Looking at the right side of the bike, under the battery cover will be one screw to remove the cover
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    thank you jack & R_W_B