BalloonFest in Statesville, NC

Discussion in 'Entertainment' started by HarryB737, Oct 21, 2010.

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    Sounds like a lot of fun for all, have not seen these since I left Minnesota. They used to have Hot Air rides over the Hudson River heading towards Smittys house:s
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    Statesville always put on a nice event. :D I was at a dealers meeting for Firefly Balloons on 2006 and that is when I had the great idea to stop by a dealer to look at bikes & that's all she wrote, I was getting the deuce. :D I hope you got to enjoy the event.
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    DANG! I wish I would have seen that post earlier! A couple years ago I was riding in that area...lost out in the middle of nowhere...looking for a BBQ joint named Keaton's. Never did find the BBQ but did happen to get an eye-full of balloons. It was an awesome sight & I meant to research it and check it out the following year but ended up forgetting all about it. A day late and a dollar short this year as well but thanks for posting a link to the event.
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    We have a pretty popular balloon fest in late Oct here in Sierra Vista, AZ. I have seen them from a distance in the past but last year I went for the first time to see them in person. It was very cool.

    My Mom’s family is from Statesville. My first trip there was in 1977 and my most recent was in 1998 (funeral). On my first trip I was 13 and went with my Grandfather for some family business. He took me to Little Pigs Barbecue. The main thing I remember was the Cheerwine.

    So if you find yourself in the area, that is a pretty good BBQ joint.