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Discussion in 'General Harley Davidson Topic' started by bingo296, Jul 18, 2012.

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    A 2001 Heritage Softail Classic is a new bike for me, but so is a BAD vibration !!! I have no tach, so I don't know the RPM range where it starts, but I can say, for instance, it becomes most noticeable above 40 in 4th gear. It's really in all gears, but about that RPM, and easily detected upon mild accelleration. And at 50, really shakin'. I don't know if it goes away after the revs are higher, or is masked by them.
    I've only had the bike for 1 month, and the shop I bought it from insists I need to get used to riding a Harley, but this vibration was not there a month ago. I'd like to nip this problem in the bud, if it is indeed a problem. Do I need a second opinion ? Or should I "Just ride it", as I was told to do ???
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    When your going 50 and it's really shaking, pull in the clutch lever and release the throttle. Does the vibration remain or does it subside.
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    Bingo: Are you running with a wind shield? Reason I ask is, my 97 STC runs fine with shield off but picks up a vibration at around 40 to 45 in 4th and it will numb my hands bad. Pull wind shield off and it goes away.
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    Check and tighten ALL motor mounts, correct PSI in tires and see if any weights have slung off first
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    If you have spoke rims, make sure they are balanced and true. Is it the entire bike shaking or the front end? Meaning do you feel it through the seat or more in your hands? After checking what everyone else has had to say you might check the steering head bearings.
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    you might also want to check the torque on your front axle. that was my problem when i got my 98 and a scary problem to find.