Bad bagger gas mileage

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    I have an 03 ultra classic FLTCHUI. Set up is as follows.
    Doherty power PACC. Rinehart true duels adn a power comander (custom mapped by the commander tune center is Richmond.
    I bought the bike new. Recently took a ride from Va to Niagara falls.
    Gas mileage (EDIT). On interstate it dorpped to 30-31 mpg and in town getting 35 mpg. Best tank was 38.
    Pulled the plugs and the rear jug is reading lean with the front looking normal.
    Going to run some Berrymans inj cleaner through a couple tanks to see if that helps.

    Any advice to get this mileage up???
    Everyone else I talk to is getting 48-50

    Please read the info in this link...
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    I got a 05 Ultra and my mileage is about the same as yours with a power commander stage one. The faster you go the more fuel you burn, but don't we got fun.
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    can you tell me why I got a warnrng from the site for foul language in that post?
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    I suspect it was for inappropriate language used in your post. Our job here on this private forum is to enforce the rules set up by the owners of the forum. And so we will. Please review the information in the "friendly reminder" Glider provided to you above.

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