Backfiring / Missing at Warm up

Discussion in 'Softail Models' started by Smorphine, May 26, 2009.

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    New member to your fine forum. I'm hoping to get some ideas on this issue I'm having with my bike.

    I have a 1998 HD Heritage Softail (Carb.) with stage one rejetting, kn air filter and vance & hines pipes. I recently took the bike in to remedy some backfiring the bike has at warm up. The bike will start and idle fine with the choke completely out. I warm up for a couple of minutes and make my way onto the street. The bike will start to miss and backfire. From where, I really can't tell? But the problem is gone as soon as the bike is warmed up (3 miles or so). The problem is also evident when I take the bike out for a short hop allowing it to cool for a bit. Pretty un-nerving when you're trying to flow into traffic.

    Recent repair from the same Harley dealer includes rocker boxes gaskets, new choke cable, "timing" sensor and manifold gaskets. I've asked them if the carb may be in need of an adjustment, they don't believe so.

    I'm about to pick it up from the Harley shop "again" and they told me that this is normal and they suggested that I warm the bike up for at least 5 minutes.
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    Welcome to the Forum. You will find lots of good info here on the site and in the heads of your fellow members.

    Sounds to me like you may have an intake leak that is sealing up when it get hot. With what all they fiddled with, there is no telling what they might have disturbed. You might try this:

    Finding An Intake Leak - Harley Davidson Community

    Let us know what you find.