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    My wife's 02 F/I fatboy has developed a problem of backfiring/missing but only after about 2 gallons have burned off a full tank, this problem also did not begin until an overfill of gas and vented gas through the overflow near the rear tire.
    any ideas where I should focus?
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    Welcome to the forum! I would open the fuel cap and look and listen in the tank while you turn on the ignition. If you hear or see spraying fuel, it may mean that the in tank fuel lines have hole rubbed in them and when the fuel level gets below the rubbed hole, you lose fuel pressure. The lower the fuel in the tank at the time, the better. The other thing to check is if the fuel tank is building up pressure when the tank gets warm. If you hear a swish when you removing gas cap, it would indicate a pressure build up. Start with that and come back to let us know what you found.
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