Andrews 48H Cam & TTS setting

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    I have a 2009 Road King Classic DBW with KN 3930 Filter, Rush exhaust and TTS system. I purchased Andrews 48H Cam:
    Product # Grind Timing Duration Lift Springs TDC Lift Spring Travel
    216348 48H 13/29 222 .548 Stock .153 Stock
    42/15 238 .548 .163 Stock
    In Delphi 3.2 Calibrations documentation I didn’t find a calibrations for this new cam. Would anyone have a new calibration for the Andrews 48H cam? If not which one of the calibrations should I use for Master Tuning.
    I've e-mailed TTS but they have not responded in a few weeks. Any help would be appreciated
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    You might try contacting Steve at GMR Performance. He has installed quite a few of these so he should be able to help.
    How to Contact GMR Performance
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    Thanks I e-mailed Steve and he responded twice he did say he had setup a Andrews 48H cam although he failed to mention which TTS setting he used for the base. Maybe when the program updates again it will have a setting for the Andrews Cams.

    Thanks I e-mailed Doc and maybe he can tell me which TTS setting he would use to setup the Andrews 48H Cam.... keep ya' posted.
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