and here she is....2003 Road King Classic

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    Its been a good run and she's been really good to me, but its time.

    Up for sale is my 2003 FLHRCI - Road King Classic, Anniversary Edition
    Stage 1, EFI, with @ 40k miles on her. She has the Metzler 888's on her with under 1000 miles on them. Hooker slip-ons. Oil, Tranny and Primary fluids brand new ( i got bored today). The pictures don't do her justice, but she's a deep brown metallic flake. Those are beach bars. She'll come with two seats, the original in pics and a sundowner with a detachable passenger backrest. If it matters - HD will give me $8500 yesterday for a trade in. Dallas HD in Allen.

    Anyone that looks on this site will see every "malfunction" I've had with her. Throttle Body Shaft and a busted plastic holder for my fuel regulator. Other than that, I'll jump on her today and feel comfortable driving her to El Paso ( 12 hours).

    Here's the kicker......I'm not in this for a buck. I'll start at $8200, if she goes to a good home. I'll even drop if she goes to someone that appreciates great machinery. PM me, I travel A LOT, I will be slow in responding. No games. I'll change my mind in 2 seconds:s no rush, I'll still ride her:D

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