Alarm disarming problems.

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Rommelaar, Oct 27, 2013.

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    This morning I wanted to disarm the alarm on my fatboyTC 2001.
    It did not work ,so I replaced batteries on both Fob's. Still did not work.
    The controllight is flashing faster then usually,normally every 20 sec.
    When I press the button twice on the FOB, the blinkers don't light up.
    It's impossible to start my bike,starter is not turning either.
    Does anyone had this problem,and knows how to solve this??.

    Any help is greatly appreciated!!:ap

    I tried to manually disarm,but this does not work neither.
    The control light flashing faster then usually,does this indicates any problem?.

    I'm charging the battery right now. Gone take a look at it again tomorrow.
    Let you know ,what the problem was and how I solved it.
    Could be helpful maybe, for other members .
    Thanks for now!!:)

    greetz AD
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  2. Redfish-Joe

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    If you are parked near a place with high a EMF, your fob won't be recognised. You may have to move your bike several feet to a different area. Happened to me twice.
  3. Roadking-1960

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    Redfish thx for your reply,I heard about this,but it,s not the problem.


    When i hit the FOB button twice,the control led stops blinking,the blinkers don't react. After this I can start the bike,but as soon as I use the signal switch (Left or Right) the bike stalls???.
    So I can ride ,but cannot use my signals!!!??.

    Anyone,for now I'am really confused!!!!
  4. Roadking-1960

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    Thx Tank,

    You could have a point there,concerning corrosion. There has been quit a lot of rain overhere lately. Normally my bike is parked under a roof,but now while I'am rebuilding this roof ,it's temporarily ,only covered by a plastic cover.
    So first thing tomorrow, is checking /cleaning all connectors/ground/connections and fuses. Hope to solve it!!!

    greetz AD.
  5. Roadking-1960

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    Update 10/29

    Everything is working again.
    First cleaned all contacts on the batterie and ground-connections.
    Problem was still there,no signals. Then took out the circuitbreaker and tssm,removed all the wiring and cleaned all contacts on it. Sprayed all contacts with WD40 and putted them back. Still the same.
    After that I loosened the connector to the rearlight/signals under the seat,and sprayed this with WD40 too. Used the FOB,pressed twice,and then it was possible to crank the bike.
    First it started to rattle but then engine fired up.Signals began to work again,and everything was back to normal.
    Long story,but I'am happy it's working again. Still a bit worried about what caused all this trouble.

    thx for all replies.:) greetz AD
  6. Roadking-1960

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    Another update.

    Facing the same problem again,I putted the bike on the liftingtable.
    I took all the turnsignal lamps out,and after that the bike fired up right away. arming/disarming no problem.
    All worked like it should,but as soon as I put turnsignal lamp in and hit the switch bike stalls??.
    I connected one testingscrewdriver to the front,and one to the back signal,they start blinking OK. When I connected the lamps too,it stops working.
    So low amperage OK ,high amperage not OK.
    Could it be bad grounding or a bad TSSM???.

    Thanx for any input!!!
  7. glider

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    A few things come to mind with this problem, have you replaced any of the bulbs with the improper bulbs which would cause a short when you activate the blinkers? Two contact bulbs in the front and single in the rear if the system is factory.

    You may also want to take a look at the antenna for the alarm. It may have to be moved to a different position. It sounds like it may not be getting a good signal but I go more with the bulbs because it's can short the system out if the wrong bulb is used.

    Also check the wiring harness by the neck for abrasions. It gets a lot of action with the front end turning and a wire could be worn/broken right there.
  8. fin_676

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    Front and back bulbs should be the same single contact on the HDI models as turn signals have to go from on to off to on so running lights are not permitted

  9. Roadking-1960

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    Last night I started checking circuits on my bike.
    Finally I found the problem in the pos.wire of the right rear signallight.
    This weekend I will fix the broken wire,and build it back together.
    The weather is quit bad overhere,so I will take the time to clean and check,now it's taken apart.

    Thanks for all input!! AD
  10. keith217

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    Mighta been some moisture that connects it all... i find on the moist days it gets heavy