Air Shocks wont fill, help needed

Discussion in 'Other Service and Maintenance' started by ShaneO, Feb 14, 2014.

  1. ShaneO

    ShaneO New Member

    I have an 2008 Electra glide and the shocks wont air up for some reason. When I pump them up with the Harley the pump pressures up all the way and when I let off the shocks are not aired up.
  2. r_k_dragon

    r_k_dragon Active Member

    So you pressurize the shocks up to a certain point, like 10-20 pounds of so, and when you disconnect and check they show zero? If that's what's happening, I'd check the valve stem for tightness. May be not tight!!!! I'd say the shocks were all right if they pressurized. Let us know what you find. Steve
  3. Breeze3at

    Breeze3at Well-Known Member

    Check the quik connect (red) fittings where the line fits to the shock for leaks. Also trace the lines and look for rubs or pinches. Soapy water and an extra pair of hands make the job easier.
  4. Blue Wide Glide

    Blue Wide Glide Junior Member

    Make sure that the fitting on the Harley pump is screwed in all of the way. When I connect my pump, I do not get any reading from the shocks until the very last turn of the air fitting.
  5. Harttoo

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    It is possible that your pump is not fully tight and You are creating air pressure in the hose.Do You hear air escape when You loosen the fitting?

    The shrader valves have been known to go bad, but I would try everything else first.There is enough hose to each red fitting to cut off a 1/4 inch and reseat on each side. Make sure You push red fitting all the way in when seating hose and slightly pull on hose after You release red fitting.This works for slow leaks.