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    A couple of weeks ago, my ABS light came on and stayed on. Next time I started up, the ABS light acted as normal. I was getting ready to leave for about an 800 mile round trip and the light was staying on. I went to my dealer and they found a trouble code common on the 09 FLHT bikes (mine is an 08 FLHTCU). They cleared the trouble code and all was well for a couple of days then the same thing started up again. One time I would start up and the ABS light would come on and stay on then the next time, it would act as normal. I dropped the bike off at the dealer for a 20,000 mile service and told them of the issue. When I picked up the bike they had found a loose connection, reseated it and that seemed to resolve the issue. I stood the bike up and started it and the ABS light stayed on. The dealer took it right back in found the problem was now consistent. The trouble code for shorted failed front wheel sensor was always coming up immediately after being cleared. What they found to be the issue was where the ABS wiring from the front wheel goes back into the main harness. Where the wire is tied to the main harness it causes the wiring to pull when the steering is turned to full lock to the right. The stretch was bad enough to stretch the insulation which in turn tore the internal wiring. This caused the short / open error code. It was resolved by replacing the damaged section of the wiring and a slight re-route of the wiring. In talking to a couple of the guys and the service manager, this is the second instance of this they have seen. So, something to be on the watch for should you encounter such a problem.
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    thanks for that info, that's good to know.