About to change my tyres for the first time

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Rebyl, Nov 23, 2008.

  1. Rebyl

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    First Harley...an 08 Ultra Classic...always ran Avon Venom on my Valkyries and loved them and would like to put Avons on the Classic...anyone else running these and what are your thoughts please...Please no Dunflop dealers try to tell me what a good tyre you have..grin:p
    Our roads down here in NZ are mostly tar seal chip and not to much staight stuff...heaven really:D
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    Sorry to tell you I run Dunlops, they are smooth,quiet and last well. I've got 10000 miles on the rear thats on it now and I will still be able to run it safely for a while in the spring.
  3. TQuentin1

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    I run the Avon Venom on my Dyna for the handling, and Dunlop D402s on my UC for their performance on the touring bike. I would not ride the UC the same way I do the Dyna. The latter is low down to the ground with low CoG. The UC is up there with lots of windage and the ability to haul along what you need. Different purpose bikes, and the tires I use are fit-for-purpose.

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    I am an EX Metzler 880 fan recently converted to an Avon venom X user. If Metzer had not started manufacturing their tires in Brazil instead of Germany which have huge variations in tires of the size I might still be using them. The last 150 mm width I bought was a full 3/4" narrower than the German 150 it replaced. Metzler insists they are made to the same specs but the variations can be huge.
    I feel like wet and dry traction are equaly comparable but load rating is higher on the Avon in my prefered rear tire size. Traction is by far better than the dunlops I have tried for years. I can't give an accurate milage rating because I often change them early before an extended trip. My reasoning being my life is depending on them and being thousands of miles from home is not the most convinient time to change tires or slide down on a wet road for saving a few bucks for maximum tire milage
  5. Rebyl

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    Thanks to all for replys. I will go with the Avons as I know I can trust them. The number of miles I get from a tyre doesn't matter, I am more interested in performance and grip than how far I can stretch em. Thanks again