About to buy 09 Ultra.

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  1. Mrjhodges

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    Hi fellow riders. 1st post please be gentle. I'm also an Aussie......

    About to buy my 1st Harley.

    It's a 2009 Ultra Classic Electra Glide (FLHTCU I think). It's main use will be as a part time Pillion Tours vehicle. I own a Limo company in Perth so this will be used within the business for paid pillion tours.

    The bike I am looking at has 15,000kms (10,000miles) and has had no mods at all. Dark Red in colour. It has slight scratching on the edge of the fairing where it has been softly scraped against a wall during moving at the dealership and a 1/2 inch tear on the pillion seat.
    Pricing is Aud$22k so over here it is about $5k under the going rate. It is in another state (4,000kms - 2500miles away).

    My questions -
    -What should I be looking out for on this bike. Problems/issues/dramas?
    -It's from a Harley dealer who tells me it's one owner and perfect. The guy traded to a 2012 model.
    -Should I fly up there and test ride it, or just buy it, crate it, truck it and love it. (By law it will come with some type of mechanical warranty).

    Riding it home is out of the question.

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  2. Mrjhodges

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    Further images.

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  3. Nickster

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    Hey Mate,
    The first question to ask....maintenance records?? at 15k there should have been 2 services done, and the third at 16k will be due.

    Also inquire about buying extended warranty, for piece of mind. The bike looks nice.

    Good Luck.
  4. Breeze3at

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    That fairing scratch could have come from a low speed tip over (I have one). Look at the bottom of the left foot board brackets, the bottom of the front and rear crash bars and the bottom of the primary cover for road rash. Just to make sure the dealer (and previous owner) are telling the truth. The small tear in the arm rest can be fixed with a vinyl repair kit.
  5. Jeff Klarich

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    Welcome to the forum from Minnesota, nice looking bike. As Nickster suggested, you might want to get the extended warranty. If you have the time it might be in your best interest to see it in person and take her for a ride. Good luck and welcome to the Harley family.
  6. Mrjhodges

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    OK So I have been informed:
    -It has just had the 16,000kms service so good until 24,000 or something.
    -No signs of it having a rest on it's side. Apparently the owner told the salesman the 2 scrapes happened against walls while moving the bike.
    -Best of all they have an agreement with my local Harley dealer to handle warranty work for up to 3m/5000kms on used bikes.

    I am tossing up whether to book the flights to go look but it's going to cost about a Rio inc accomodation. Thats money I could be spending on pipes etc.

    Speaking of pipes. *Note Aussie prices to follow:
    As the bike needs to be inspected annually by the licencing dept, the local Harley dealer has recommended:
    -leave the factory headers as is and fit V&H slip-ons ($500-700) for ease of changing back when inspection time comes round.
    -a choice of air cleaner options ($175-250).
    -a computer upgrade ($600) that apparently does not stay connected to the bike like a PC3 but plugs in, allows them to reprogram the bike and dyno the package and then they disconnect it. But this device is now lifepartnered to my bike and only my bike......

    Does this sound like a wise set of upgrades for this bike? Remembering it will be used as a gentle ride chauffeur bike for pillions (Non riders generally).
  7. smartguy

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    Sounds like a good eal to me. I have an 09, and love it. Make sure the have done the two recall items on it. :s
  8. 2009flhtcu

    2009flhtcu New Member

    What would those be?
  9. bc45

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    The recalls were for rear brake switch and some sort of bracket for front of gas tank to make it stronger incase of head on accident and frame buckle it would not cause rapid fuel spillage.