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Discussion in 'Trikes' started by zoood, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. zoood

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    I would like to share a good idea I have done for myself. This is for all the riders that use face shields. The type that isn't fixed and is used on 3/4 helmets. I have the type that allows you to lift it and have it stay at whatever ratcheting position the helmet's design allows. Inside the shield. I used masking tape. Leaving a 2" space unmasked across the bottom. I then spray painted that black. I used flat black. The outer surface of the shield made the black have a shine to it. The reason for painting the shield is this. It will allow you to block that blinding sun, especially when your headed west at the end of the day. Just lift up your shield and use it just like a sun visor in a auto. It's so much better than riding one handed, looking like your saluting all the cages that are coming at you.

  2. dbmg

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    What a great idea zoood. I had install that film on my shield and after a while when retracted the film came off and jammed shield. I will have to give it a try....:bigsmiley12:
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    I just bought a helmet at a show a couple weekends ago with the separate, retractable, sun visor feature. Only worn it twice but I love that capability when the sun starts getting low!

    This is a great alternative to buying a new helmet, though.
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    That's why I started the thread. Good to share ideas, American ideas at that! I know the helmet your mentioning. I even went as far as putting a small brow shade on. But not fixed on the helmet. I secured it on my face shield.This way I can still raise the shield. Even spaced it with rubber "O" rings so it has a 1/4" gap from the shield. Allows air to flow past it. So there's no helmet drag, or should say no visor wind drag.
  5. SixPak

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    That's a great idea! Might give it a try. Thanks.
  6. R_W_B

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    That's a good idea. However I bought a clear shield because I have a hard time seeing at night. My Hawk Helmet though has a second internal shield that resembles a Jet Pilot eye shield. I can reach up and pull a lever on my helmet and drop the eye shield down (all inside the outer shield) and it shields the sun. It clears my glasses too. I love it. I like Hawk Helmets period. I have full face for winter and a 3/4 for summer. My wife has some other more expensive helmet and I don't like it as well.
  7. zoood

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    Ive a clear shield too. Ive a hard time seeing at night so I went and made a new product that helps me see a lot better. Basically doubles my foreground lighting. Their called Bike Shades However you dont have passing lamps on your Dyna. And thats where they mount.


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    Being in electronics, there are anti-static shielded black opaque plastic bags. They can be trimmed to fit the inside of the faceshield as Zoood's application (I put it on the inside, so it has a blackout "mirror" finish, yet it works as a sunshade). You can also use window film shading...it sticks by static electricity, but also works well. Racers also have "tear offs" that have a "smoked" tint that works well too. Very good idea Zoood bringing up the idea. :D