98 Road King Windshield

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by SAnVA, Apr 10, 2012.

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    Anyone else have trouble with their windshield blowing loose from the quick release mount when parked in strong winds (has happened to me twice ) , did not blow completely off of bike, but was lucky that it didn't. What did you do to keep it from happening, doesn't seem to be a very good set-up, needs a locking mechanism like on the sissy bar or luggage racks. Any ideas appreciated, thanks.
  2. PigSnot

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    Haven't had any issues, but I have bent the spring latch down so that the loop at the end would catch and hold down better. Just by hand, about midpoint, reshape a little.
    Please note the quick release is also a break-away safety feature to prevent injury in the event of . . . , well, should it be needed.
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    I've never been happy with the set-up, but it has never blown off. I have been tempted to bend the wires but haven't because I couldn't see a real advantage in it. I can say I have exceeded the torque recommendations on the acorn nuts, but not by a bunch.
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    Try replacing the rubber bushings. I had the same problem on my '94. The bushing replacement fixed it.
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    Sleddog nailed it. My 06 RK was getting a bit loose and I considered it. But... than I went over the handlebars at about 50MPH and the windshield was no longer an issue. Don't recommend it, ever... The windshield did separate prior to separating me from any body parts, so it is for sure a safety issue that it can come off under extreme conditions. I'd change those little rubber spacers. Bet you'll be fine after that.

    Good luck with it.:newsmile011:
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    I have been trying to find the rubber bushings for the windshield on line. So far no luck. Harley dealer is 45 miles away. Got any suggestions? Thanks, Bob
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    Two suggestions really. 1) if the dealer is too far to drive, check if he will ship them to you. 2) Check the indy shops, mine can get anything HD make and usually have it on hand.

    I have not had much luck either finding the rare part on the net. Don't think your two bushings will break the bank no matter what way you go. Good luck with it.:bigsmiley11: