96" to 103" Stage III

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by Fatboy 07, May 23, 2010.

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    Just picked up my ride (2008 Ultra) from the motor builder late this afternoon fresh off the dyno. You may recall, two or three weeks ago I authored a thread requesting opinions of installing either SE 204 or SE 255 cams in my Stage I 96" motor.

    The over whelming response was to go with the SE 255's. However, after further study on my part I had decided that if I was going to make a move to try and increase the HP/TQ for my 2up riding that I would also go with the 103" build.

    What I ended up with was 103" bore, 10.5:1 pistons (forged flat top), beehive performance valve springs, SE Tapered adjustable push rods,
    SE 259E cams to go along with my V&H ovals, SE A/C and the new SEPST (32109-08B).

    The numbers we obtained from the dyno run was 93 HP and 109 TQ, which I was very happy with. Coming from a Stage I to this was like night and day.

    Feels very strong and pulls hard in every gear. Has 93 lbs ft of torque at 2000 rpms and still has about 100 lbs ft at about 4800 rpms.

    Very happy at this point!!! :57:
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    Nice numbers. Enjoy the increase in power.
  3. B-1B_Guy

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    Glad you're happy with the upgrade and 109 TQ is fantastic. I test rode a 110" road glide w/ SE racing heads, SEST & 259 cams and was very impressed with the power. Torque everywhere, even above 4K RPM. Jumped on it on an onramp and lit up the rear tire in 2nd.....pretty impressive for a big bike. I think you made a good choice in cam.
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    Just wondering , what the entire upgrade cost you, sounds like a great way to go?
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    quiticokid, I worked a couple of month's on the dealership relative for cost on this build. I finally came to a point where I said ok let's do it.

    They ran a special all winter on two or three builds to try and bring in business. This build originally cost $3700 which included the SEPST, and their winter special was $2800 By my negotiating, I am into this build $1761. I did however already have the SEPST which immediately took $460 off the price.

    As previously stated, I am very happy with the outcome. I spools up very quickly and pulls hard all the way to around 5000 rpm's. Lot's of torque!!!