96 or 103 CI

Discussion in 'Touring Models' started by jkegg05, Aug 13, 2009.

  1. jkegg05

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    I need some advice here, I've got an "05" ultra with 7500 miles on it. Am I crazy to want to do the big bore kit in it now? If I'm not what's the best way to go here? I still have about 3 years of extended warranty left on the bike. I don't want to void that.
  2. Buddha

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    No you are not crazy. How big you go depends on what you are looking for and how deep the well is. A 05 has an 88" you could do pistons and jugs (or bore yours ) for 95" or stroke it (crack the cases and install new crank) for 96" or do both for 103". As far as warranty I think if you use HD parts installed by a dealer you are ok. But I would check with the dealer and or HD to be sure. I might even get it in writing cuz I don't always believe dealers.
  3. jcrotteau

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    I had the 95" kit installed in my bike by the dealer before I took delivery of it.I was lead to believe that the extended warranty would cover everything.

    The company said that any BB kit voided ALL warranty,so make sure you get the details in writing so you can at least get the dealer to make good on what They sold you.
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    The "interpretation" of the warranty and voiding it varies from dealer to dealer. If they install a component or upgrade, they usually will honor the factory warranty but other dealers may not because they didn't make the $$$ to do the job.:s
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    I also had the 95 inch kit with 203 cams installed on my 06 E/G classic beforre I took delivery. The dealer said he did this kit to all Utah state police bikes and that it would have full warranty. WRONG. I had continual problems and the MoCo would not help out and the dealer wouldn't either. After almost 40K of problems I traded it in on an 2010 E/G classic. Not near as much power with the stock 96 but it does not buck and surge like the 06 with 95 in kit. Different cams in a 95 incher might have helped.