'94 harley heritage classic popping on acceleration

Discussion in 'Engine, Fuel and Exhaust' started by jrichi85, Dec 26, 2013.

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    I recently received my father in laws 94 heritage and it ran fine every weekend when I would start it up until one trip about 20 miles of riding. It died out on me and had to wait and run with the choke on, since I cleaned out the carb with non-plastic corosion cleaner, flushed it out and re-installed it and put some carb cleaner in the fuel tank and it ran great. For a while the battery has been building up major corrosion on the possitive side that i keep cleaning off and the engine has been popping on on acceleration after coasting and then trying to speed up. After I went through the tank of gas I filled it with with the cheapest gas and had no additives and thats when the problem started. I recently had to clip off the battery cuz the corrosion was so bad after two weeks and I will be replacing it but I was wondering if the gas had to play a factor with no additives or even after the bike has started the battery still plays a factor as well. It runs on a open exhaust with baffles and has been since 95. Entire engine is stock including the carb only the exhaust and intake have been modified.
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    If air cleaner and exhaust have been opened out then more fuel needs to be added to compensate for the higher air flow if the jets in the carb have not been replace then they may need to be larger
    Corrosion on the battery terminal can cause intermittent electrical power issues
    Battery and main power lead should be replaced

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    Since the bike ran fine when you got it, I would think that the problem is a new one. I have a '94 Heritage and a couple of things come to mind, 1. There is a leak at the intake manifold and 2. There is something restricting the fuel flow. Check the rubber sleeve that connects the carb to the intake manifold and check the bolts that hold that hold the intake manifold to the heads. If all is tight check to fuel filter (if there is one) between the petcock and the carb and check the screen on top of the petcock inside the tank. As for the battery you might have it load tested and clean both ends of both cables and make sure they are tight.
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    It sound like the post was loose in the battery allowing fluid to leak out and corrode terminal.......
    Its possible that the popping could have been created from battery not keeping ignition hot enough and causing voltage drop that when a demand was applied to bike on acceleration there was not enough electrical power to compensate.
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    You may have gotten some more stuff in the jets. I suggest pulling the carb off and giving it a good cleaning. Be sure to get all the orifices.
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    Welcome to The Forum, you may have compound problems. I would make the needed repairs at the battery first, load test the battery to see that it will hold a full charge Harley Davidson Forums follow this link , check back in for carb advice if you need it:s
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    The ignition module on that year will shutdown if the battery voltage drops below 9 volts, it may be 8. I would need to check the manual. This could be part of the issue if you have a charging system problem.