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    I am having a problem with rear exhaust hanger lining up since I took off old exhaust with the crossover pipe (Edit)that came on it. The new exhaust header pipe that I had bought a while back is not bent exactly the same shape, as it comes down to the hanger so it don't line up. I have tried 2 different hanger's but they have issue's with the frame. Has anybody had this problem and is there a certain mount that would work. I'm just trying to put regular style exhaust on without having to have a bracket made. This is a 1993 fxrs.

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    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    I'M willing to BET:

    IF you DON'T tighten the exhaust pipe Header Nuts FULLY when you are putting ALL together LOOSELY ,,,,You may find that the Header is not aligned as it WILL align and move enough for it to fit up...

    I would always try to align the Header pipe to FIT where it was supposed to and I DID have a similar Problem...

    My solving the issue was just what I said above; Keep ALL loose enough (headers and back) to move to the correct position and THEN tighten the headers and the rest will be in the correct position....

    NO knowing your header pipes you installed BUT I think you will find MY method WORKS...

    Get back after you loosen the headers and see about RE-Alignment.

    I have had the headers off by several inches where the Muffler was to be attached,,, Loosening the Header nuts , keeping the headers loose PROVED the alignment was there after all...... so Try It first.... (muffler and bolt into the bracket also then tighten Header nuts Pulling all together)

    Hope this will also work for you...

  5. biggus

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    I have tried lining up without tightening anything and it want line up. I laid the original rear pipe beside the newer one and they are different in the slant of the bend by way to much to line up.
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    Hmm. Are you sure the new pipes are for the year and model of your bike?

    I took the stock pipes and cans off my little bike ('91 Dyna) and fitted a set of drags on that indicated they would fit the '91 Dyna. Left things handy like Bubbie said until I had everything attached and then tightened up all the header nuts and clamps.

  7. biggus

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    I bought them off ebay and they said along with other models that it would fit mine,your probably right that my model was a little different. I'm going to try and use only one of the mount bolt holes for mount so I can pivot the mount to see if it will get close enough to exhaust pipe to line up. If it does line up I hope the one bolt in bracket will be enough to stay in place and not come loose

    BUBBIE Well-Known Member

    LONG AGO....
    IF I remember correctly on my 97FXDS, I needed to use a bigger replacement bracket that came with the Mufflers and Head Pipes set up I got WAY Back then...

    Bracket was REALLY Big, Long and Heavy...

    Me having my own, Me myself and I welding shop. made a much lighter bracket to get the muffler OUT to where the pipe was....

    Sounds the Same?????

    Just thought I'd mention it.......

    I had that bike new and would really love to have it in my stable today...
    Wish wish wish