91' FXLR or 99 FXDWG Thoughts ?

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    I wondered if anyone would give any insight to this choice I have of two bikes. I now have a 91 FXLR 28,400 mi with a new from Harley motor,less than 5,000 mi. but salvage title,short shocks,drag bars that I would change and has been, well run through a few less than skilled hands. I cleaned up some loose wiring and tightened several bolts and the rest is good, no rust damage etc..
    The FXR runs solid, handles well and is fast but has the drawbacks of title and non touched factory wiring.
    The other is a 99' Wide Glide TC with 50,000 mi 1 owner that I can buy if this one sells for about the same money, roughly 5,300. Its not the color I prefer and has twice the miles
    The FXR has such a solid frame and reputation however I have ridden my friends 99 FXDWG and it's a great machine. Trying to decide.
    Any input or advise is much appriciated.
    Thanks !