80 [something]needs help FLH

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    I meet this young man last year ,he rides a 09 flh full dresser with ABS .I stopped by his house yesterday and his bike is down ,the front break lever will not pull ,it's very stiff .He said that he thought it was the master cylinder ,and that he had rebuilt it .He told me that it would pump fluid with the line loose .I bought a 2012 FLHR ,no ABS,that did the same thing on the way home the day that I that I bought it but I don't know what they did to fix it .I'm hoping that someone can help ,he loves to ride but kind of pressed for money right now.Thanks.
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    The ABS system has a complex controller module that is probably the cause of his problem. It requires dealer support to troubleshoot and fix (I hate to say that). I have no idea what your no ABS problem was.

    I don't understand the thread title "80 something needs help"?
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    Me neither!
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    For your ABS model
    For the other bike, if the fluid pumps with the line off I would be looking at a sticking caliper
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    The owner is 80 years plus a few more ,I just don't remember his age exactly,I think that he is 84 .He has been riding most of his life and still going strong .The more I think about it I think that he is 88 .Thanks for all the replies .
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    88 and still riding??? Impressive. I'll be happy just to still be breathing at 88 :D