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    hey all , well last season iwas crusin when i lost a roller on my tappet well of corse it caused problems i took it apart got the roller luckely during the process i removed the heads pistons look gret it is actully bored 40 over cam looked good no scatches or grooves i could see qestion is what is it considerd 1240? and with it being bored would it make much difference to add some goodies to the top end tappets,push rods, vavles,rocker arms .so is it possible to add some ponies to her maybey ported and polished any help would be greatly appreciated ride on and of course rock on!!!! skullzy . also just want to say the bike in in great condition the person before me must of loved her as much as i do peace
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    Make sure you check the oil pump too. Same thing happened on my 66 and I had a roller inbedded in my oil pump . Installed a S&S oil pump works great. GOOD LUCK !